The beauty of working for yourself–not what you think

Hiking the Westcock Marsh

Hiking the Westcock Marsh.

My office is in the front corner of our house, which is perched on a hill overlooking the Cumberland Basin. Big windows on both sides of the room let in sunlight, birdsong and cinnamon-sweet saltwater breezes. Weathered-silver hay barns lean into the land and a tidal river staggers through the spring-green marsh.

But that’s not the beauty of it.

Today, I knocked off early and ran down the packed clay road to watch the tide lick its way along the sepia banks. Curious cows crowded along the fence, nodding as I passed by–kindred spirits, we marsh creatures.

But that’s not the beauty of it.

When I was in the agency, crazed by courier deadlines and burnt-out creative directors, I fantasized about calling my own shots. And I’ve done that.

But that’s not the beauty of it either.

The beauty comes from working as hard as you can. For as long as you want. With no interruptions. (Besides a disappointed-dog sigh. Which precedes dead-dog mode. Which necessitates mouth-to-mouth. Or a walk.)

Working and reworking the words–without a project manager standing over you, tapping on your time sheets. (No offense to PMs. Love them. Was one of them.)

Writing until it’s as good as you can make it.

Then…taking off early and skip-dancing (or rock-kick walking) your way to the ocean, the park, or wherever you go to celebrate a job well done. Done not for the money, or the freedom, but for the simple luxury of being able to do your best for your clients.

That’s the beauty of it.

What do you like most, or least, about working for yourself?

3 Responses to “The beauty of working for yourself–not what you think”

  1. Eric Wood says:

    I like giving my “boss” a hard time. LOL

  2. “Disappointed-dog sigh” is one of the loneliest sounds ever.

  3. Cathy says:

    Thanks for the note! The business cards you designed are beautiful! And done in time for the conference. Thank you!

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