About Me

Writing with emotion, empathy and imagination

I grew up in Saint John, New Brunswick. That has given me enough material to last a lifetime.

I had my first poem published (about the Kennedy assassination) when I was 8. My mom sent it to the Telegraph Journal.

Sister Joy who keeps sending me to school, me in the middle, and baby sister Liz

Sisters on either side of me.

I was expelled from school in grade 9. I stayed home and played cards and drank tea with my mom. Mom was happy with that. Me too. My sister made me go back.

I left school in grade 10 and hitchhiked across Canada over the next few years, working in restaurants truck stops. More material.

The same sister who made me return to school in grade nine convinced me to give it another shot. I went back to high school when I was 20 and then on to the University of New Brunswick for a first-class honours degree in history.

While living in Fredericton, I took my first creative course from Sheree Fitch. She said, “You have the heart, the soul and the background of a writer.”

That’s what I bring to your project: A big heart, a lot of soul and a healthy dose of compassion.

Writing strategically

I began freelance writing in 1990, in between advertising agency jobs, working for a non-profit, a web company and a university. Wherever I worked I wrote copy. It’s been the one constant in my life (besides the sister who keeps sending me back to school).

I wasn’t always writing copy, though. I was also managing projects and attracting new business. Working closely with clients has taught me two things: the big picture is key and the clients know their business best. Write strategically. Work collaboratively.

Writing authentically

I’ve taken writing and editing courses from Frances Peck and Jim Taylor. Creative non-fiction workshops from Sandra Phinney and Deborah Carr. Creative writing courses from Donna Morrisey, Sheree Fitch and at the Maritime Writers Workshop. Staying on top of editing keeps my copy sharp. Staying creative keeps it fresh. Finding my own voice helps me find an authentic voice for my clients.

Writing for the web

I’ve had the privilege of working with one of the best boutique web companies in Atlantic Canada—Tantramar Interactive—who came into the game very early, and with an incredible thirst for learning and getting it right. I bring that expertise and enthusiasm to every web project.

But I think I’m pretty much done with school.


International Mercury Awards Competition – Copywriting for New Brunswick Nurses Union Campaign
International Mercury Awards Competition – Copywriting for Campion Marine
NB Merit Award
Multimedia scriptwriting, Sackville Waterfowl Park
ITC Award
Speech writing