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“Commercial” writer. Damn right.

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The conversation usually begins like this: “What do you do?” “Im a writer.” “Ooohhh.Cool! What do you write?” “Web content. Brochures. Presentations. Reports–” “Oh. Commercial writer.” At this point the person sniffs, sensing rot in the air and I have become a woman sitting on her groc-er-ies, as Joni Mitchell says. For years I resisted… Read more »

Tips for working from home

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I’ve been a freelance writer for 23 years – off and on. In the ‘off’ times I’ve worked in advertising agencies, web companies, universities, and non-profits. In the ‘on’ times, I’ve done writing for these same clients, and others, from home. I activate the ‘on/off’ switch according to market demand, financial need, and my acetone… Read more »